26 January 2013

Dennys Art Sanctuary: Surrealist Exhibition, 43 National Artists: Baton Rouge Gallery

Surreal Salon IV

Dennys Art Sanctuary: Surrealist Exhibition, 43 National Artists: Baton Rouge Gallery:  From Denny:  Every month Baton Rouge Gallery (Louisiana) sponsors a stellar exhibition.  For January featured is the Surreal Salon 5 exhibition of Pop-Surrealist/Low Brow art.  This is a nationally juried art show of 43 artists from 18 states in the genre.  Yes, these are the kind of disturbing and unusual images that are favored over at StumbleUpon.

These wildly imaginative images also make you re-think your perspective.  Some will make you recoil in disgust, others will make you curious and others will make you laugh out loud at how outrageous they are both in thought theme and visually.  Check out the video clip of the catalog if you cannot attend in person and want some inspiration for your own artwork.  Prices included if you want any of these wild images hanging on your wall!

Create Your Niche Organic Women's Fit Tee

Owl Philosopher says: Create your niche, forget about what the other guy gets, be happy!

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20 January 2013

Easy Holiday Dish: Spicy Shrimp With Rice

Photo provided by Cajun Country RiceSpicy Shrimp With Rice is a cheesy choice for your Lenten menu.

From Denny:  Are you a fan of rice dishes?  Sure beats the "bread bloat."  Who doesn't love good bread?  But there is only so much of it you can eat without feeling like you have to squeeze into your jeans.  Grains like rice, oatmeal and quinoa are healthier choices if you don't want to invest in new clothes.

Mardi Gras season is upon us in Louisiana where we blow it out on the calories and rich foods.  This casserole dish was developed for the Lenten season that follows afterward when a lot of people swear off eating meat for 40 days.  

The truth is Louisiana people are total carnivores but we love our seafood too, especially when combined with cheese like in this dish.  Somehow, dining on the best seafood Louisiana has to offer does not exactly fit into the "deprivation" category but we continue to delude ourselves every year.  These Lenten season resolutions are a lot like New Year's resolutions that rarely get honored. :)

OK, everyone raise their hands if they love simple and easy recipes.  Yes, this is one of those dishes.  It comes from one of Louisiana's premier rice producers, Falcon Rice Mill in Crowley, Louisiana.  The mill was founded in 1942 by Edward and Evelyn Falcon.  Their rice products are known under these names:  Cajun Country, TORO, Laredo, Home Country and Jackpot.

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10 January 2013

Dennys Funny Quotes: Funny Lion Dog Pranks Passing Motorists

charles the monarch labradoodle

Dennys Funny Quotes: Funny Lion Dog Pranks Passing Motorists: From Denny:  Well, folks like me with the last name "Lyon" pay close attention to all things "lion" and this hilarious viral video was no exception.  It's a natural just like this awwww, too cute lion dog, Charles the Monarch.

Instead of laughing hard and moving on to start my day I decided it was about time I start sharing these funny videos. There is just something about this dog that warms your heart.  2 video clips here.

Make Merry and Carry On iPhone 5 Case

In honor of funny lion dog, Charles the Monarch, says: Make Merry and Carry On!

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