01 October 2009

Funny Cajun Joke - Emile and The State Trooper

From Denny: Keep in mind that just about every Cajun joke starts out with the main characters as Pierre, Emile or Boudreaux, a couple of dense guys who are "country come to town." This joke is so typically ridiculous of a Cajun joke you can't help but grin!


Emile and the State Trooper

Emile was driving his pick'um-up truck down the river levee pretty fast one day. A Louisiana State Trooper spotted Emile, and took off after him, but Emile, well, he just kept going faster and faster you see.

The trooper was so angry he turned his lights on and his siren started blaring, but Emile, that crazy Cajun, he just kept going. After about twenty miles, Emile, well, he had bad luck; he ran out of gas, and was forced to a stop.

The red-faced furious trooper jumped out of his car yelling at Emile, "Why didn't you stop? I know you saw me!"

Well, Emile, innocently he says to the trooper, "Well, officer, I'm truly sorry for dat. But you see, a few years ago my wife, Marie, she ran off wid a state trooper. Well, you see, when I saw you, I thought I was cooked for sure because maybe you was him tryin' to bring her back. So, you can understand why I was tryin' so hard to get away fast.
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