12 December 2012

Romancing The Chocolate: Holiday Cookie: Double-Shot Mocha

Romancing The Chocolate: Holiday Cookie: Double-Shot Mocha: From Denny:  OK, never write a cookie post right before lunch.  It all looks so good you want to rush into the kitchen and start baking! :)  This cookie recipe is basically a dense brownie with pools of melting chocolate oozing out when you break them open straight out of the hot oven!
There are two cups of chocolate chips and chocolate chunks in this awesome recipe, certainly more than I'm used to baking.  It's no wonder you can get your chocolate fix in one small cookie all at once.

If you have the discipline to wait until the cookie cools all those chocolate pools solidify into huge nuggets of gooey goodness.  No one ever said these little chocolate gems would last long in your house - or mine!

Peace Christmas Star Round Ornament

Enjoy the profound Peace of the Christmas season!
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