28 June 2009

Recipe: Southern Louisiana Molasses Cake & Cookies From Scratch

Steen's 100% pure cane syrupLouisiana Brand Of Molasses STEEN'S Image by scottpartee via Flickr

Southern Louisiana Molasses Cake & Cookies From Scratch:

An excerpt from the article:

"Cakes from scratch - Back to basics

Not that long ago, molasses was a common kitchen staple in the well-stocked pantry. Today, many people would not know what it is.

Molasses-Spice cookiesMolasses Spice Cookies Image by ilmungo via Flickr

Additionally, even if someone has heard of molasses -- it isn't the first ingredient most of us today would think about, if we were going to make a cake.

Therefore, if you've never heard of molasses, it is a thick syrup by-product obtained by making sugarcane or sugar beet into sugar.

Basically, there are three main types of molasses: Unsulphured, sculptured, and black strap molasses:
Unsulphured molasses is considered molasses of top quality. It has only the smallest amount of sugar has been removed. It is made from the juices of sun-ripened sugar cane that has been refined and concentrated."

By Jerilee Wei @ HubPages

From Denny: Jerilee lives in Califonia now but was born and steeped in the Louisiana culture. This thorough well-written article has several recipes, a bit of culture and three videos. Just click on the title link to take you there, enjoy!

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