01 August 2009

3 Octupi Videos: Escape of the Shapeshifting Octupus

Giant octupusImage by dontdothisathome via Flickr

From Denny: I was looking around Digg today in the Science section for my science blog, The Soul Calendar,where I park all things science that interest me. Blogs really are like a long version of a social site of things you want to share with others.

Remembering our trip to Greece a few years back and how awesome the grilled octupus and calamari tasted because it was so fresh, I guess I just had octupus on the brain. It's wonderful protein and no bones.

These videos are fascinating to watch. One is about a 600 pound octupus who can squeeze into a small space the size of a mere tiny quarter. The second one is a contest in an aquarium between a hungry shark and a giant octupus who were well matched. The third is about a BBC crew going down deep after a giant octupus to film it and saw a huge monster of an octupus wrap itself around one of the divers while filming!

You have to see these creatures. Unbelievable. Sure gives you new respect for the fishermen who go after these scary animals just to serve it up in restaurants. Fishing octupi must be an extreme sport.

To get you over to The Soul Calendar for the 3 video post, go here.

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