12 April 2010

Funny Tax Man Cartoons

From Denny: Check out the latest funny cartoonists commenting, lamenting and downright complaining about tax season. Didn't they ever hear of the software Turbo Tax? Walks you right through it - only to find out all your itemized deductions did not add up to the allowed level that you could have done in the first place in only 5 minutes. Oh, well... :)

One of my favorite cartoons is the one where Daddy is asking his kid to pull a number out of a magician's hat that he can give to the IRS. Nothing like creative accounting! Of course, saving the best for last is the cartoon about the IRS going to the ends of the earth to locate and fine those wealthy off shore tax cheats.

Keep grinning as the deadline for getting this year's taxes mailed out is closing in on us. These silly cartoons will keep you laughing as you rush to the post office before midnight.

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