11 June 2013

Dennys Funny Quotes: Check Out Funny Business Names in Louisiana

Dennys Funny Quotes: Check Out Funny Business Names in Louisiana: From Denny:  Of the few local newspapers left in America - before they get gobbled up and homogenized by Big Business to turn a bigger profit - there are those small papers that still retain a local flavor.  Baton Rouge, Louisiana and The Advocate is one of them.

A local reporter by the name of Smiley Anders has been collecting and writing this funny column since 1979 when he first started in the business.  The public write in their true stories of funny situations that happened to them.  The public also pass on local Cajun jokes for good measure.

One day Smiley was calling out for readers to send in funny business names they have seen in their Louisiana communities.  Some of the names are downright odd and funny crazy.  Some business owners actually invested in these silly names!...

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