25 February 2009

Happy Marti Gras!

Laissez le bon temps rouler! (Let the good times roll!)

Fat Tuesday - Marti Gras - is finished and New Orleans and parts of Louisiana are hung over, sleep-deprived and letting loose the street cleaners to sweep away debris from thousands of partying visitors. A good time was had by all! :) After all, New Orleans IS known as Sin City. A three hundred year history has earned its name.

Now begins Ash Wednesday when it's time to put away the excess and begin a 40 day period of learning a new self-discipline in some area of life choice. People give up all kinds of things like chocolate, all sweets, eating meat, you name it.

While it sounds a bit odd to still observe a centuries old religious custom whether you are religious or not, it does have its benefits. It's like re-starting New Year's again with a new resolution because chances are you didn't keep it at New Year's and are feeling a bit sheepish. Ash Wednesday is your second chance! Make it a good one.

And remember, a life of excess suffers much and lives short. A life of balance is serene, peaceful and fulfilling. You live a lot longer in good health. Who said that? Uh... me and just now! I'm good, baby, I'm really good! :)
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