04 February 2010

5 Cutest Puppies, Most Popular Dog Breeds in America

From Denny: Check it out, see the most popular dog breeds right now in America. It's no surprise that family friendly dogs top the list. It's worth it to watch the video just to see the adorable huge puppies as models for their breeds. :)

5. Beagle - high energy dog good with children, a small compact hound dog that needs lots of exercise and companionship.

4. Golden Retriever - active and very trainable which makes them an excellent choice for guide dogs and and search and rescue work because they are also highly intelligent.

3. Yorkshire Terrier, the Yorkie - these are big personalities in small bodies with the typical terrier tenacity. Did I mention they are also quite portable? Just ask Hollywood celebs and their imitators.

2. German Shepherd - an intelligent breed that needs daily work, social and loves children, very protective of family, makes a great guide dog and works a lot with Homeland Security and the military.

1. Labrador Retriever - because of their extreme gentleness they are the most popular family dog. They are also great companions for family pets and highly intelligent to make great service dogs.

They ranked all 164 AKC registered breeds in America. These are the top five favorites.

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