14 February 2010

Popular Posts 2010 at Comfort Food From Louisiana and Thank You!

New Orleans French Quarter Photo by Lyndi&Jason @ flickr

From Denny: Thank you for all your support this year and what a year it has been! The New Orleans Saints, as the underdogs against a great team in the Indianapolis Colts, unexpectedly won their first Super Bowl.

What a boost to the morale of all of Louisiana and most especially New Orleans. While the whole country has been dealing with the adverse effects of the past year's "recession," this area of the Gulf Coast has been dealing with this issue since August of 2005. A Super Bowl win did a lot to lift everyone's spirits around here. Thank You New Orleans Saints!

It's amazing how many posts you enjoyed this year and last. I'm committed to staying on top of the trend to post your favorites as it happens rather than wait until the end of the year to compile what is developing into an exhaustive list. :)


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