20 February 2011

How To Make Good Gumbo With Chef John Besh and James Carville

NEW ORLEANS - NOVEMBER 30: Democratic strategi...Image by Getty Images via @daylife
From Denny:  The Big Easy - New Orleans - is where anything can happen because we "Let The Good Times Roll!"  (French: Laissez les bons temps rouler!) Seafood gumbo is the most associated dish with Louisiana and also the easiest to make as demonstrated here by celebrity Chef Besh.

Check out how Chef Besh shows us how to start the all important roux (oil and flour mixed, cooked over medium high heat, constantly stirred until dark brown but not burned).  Then you start cooking the vegetables, starting with the onions first until soft.  Add some celery.  Then you add the crab on their backs along with some stock.

After the roux has had a chance to cook, about 30 minutes or more, to cook out the flour taste, right before you want to serve, then add the raw shrimp and raw oysters.  Those two only take a few minutes to cook and you don't want to over cook them as the shrimp can disintegrate into mush and the oysters will get a rubbery tough consistency.

James Carville came to visit with Chef Besh in the kitchen on this segment.  James Carville was the Ragin' Cajun Democrat political consultant that propelled Bill Clinton into the White House.  He now lives in New Orleans, Louisiana but is originally from, you guessed it, Carville, Louisiana, where the only leper colony was located in North America. His grandfather started the facility where research was done on how to conquer leprosy, a scourge to humanity for millennium. Happily, they learned how to treat the disease to the point it is no longer a death sentence or necessary to become a social pariah.

Carville is also married to Mary Matalin, a hard right conservative with a mean tongue to match.  The two are a marriage made in Heaven because they are both high spirited and high maintenance.  Their daughters must have their hands full. :)

Check out the Cooking with Carville show.

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