21 February 2011

Louisiana Music: Trombone Shorty Version of Musical Gumbo

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From Denny: Trombone player Troy Andrews talks about his unique musical style, his background and what it's like in live performances.

On how he plays music: "It's like being at church, you know, when people jumpin' up and get the Holy Ghost and that type of thing. It's that type of connection. You just gotta let your heart and your feelings take over."

On what it's like interacting with the audience: "When the crowd is reacting to everything you do and shoutin' and givin' you that type of energy. The band feeds off of that and we give it right back out. I think we even play harder emotionally. Afterwards, wow, we wonder if that really happened. We feel the energy the rest of the night. Can't even go to sleep until six or seven in the morning because of the excitement the people gave us and we gave it right back out."

Troy says he grew up around music all day long in his New Orleans neighborhood. In the morning there would be a jazz funeral procession passing by his house and in the afternoon another band playing for a birthday celebration. He was surrounded by music. His older brother is a famous trumpet player and started him in music by allowing Troy to learn from the band members in their practices. Troy even toured the world with his brother.

He says he is influenced by hip hop and rock pop and wanted to put it all together into one musical gumbo to see how he can take it to the next level.

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