06 December 2008

Poem by CJ Beige

Photo by Jerry @ flickr

Since it's the Christmas season and I absolutely LOVE the holiday season - here's a lovely poem by a friend of mine. He is a trucker who travels America.

While he's driving he composes wonderful poetry in his head, most of it is love poetry to his beautiful wife. What woman would not love to be immortalized in poetry?

After reading my article We Believe In Santa he was inspired to write his answer in poetry form. My fellow poets are such fun!


Santa's Love

Santa's like the wise men,
He's dad and mother too,
He's your friend and neighbor,
And someone that's there for you.

He's your pal and buddy,
And your confidante you see,
He's on every corner,
Every home is where he'll be.

He wants to see you happy,
‘Cause he gives the gift of love,
He gives it from his heart of gold,
And from the Lord above.

Three wise men honored Jesus,
The night that was His birth,
They honored Him with gifts because
The wise men knew His worth.

Santa's truly in our heart,
With every gift we give,
Santa's love just like the Lord’s,
Forever they will live.

C.J. Beige (John)
Copyright 26 November 2008
All Rights Reserved
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