20 December 2008

Slap That Cold Silly with Food as Medicine

Slap That Cold Silly with Food as Medicine - Utilize spices in your food to give healing support to that cold or flu. Here’s an easy exotic and delicious soup recipe when you are feeling miserable. Soup recipe included.

Let's face it. Living in Louisiana we are also living with hundreds of chemical plants and some oil refineries. The end result is really bad pollution. There are often chemical releases the public is never told about. It becomes evident when suddenly there are huge numbers of people running to their doctors for meds to treat sinus infections.

Warding off sinus infections before they begin or healing them in the early stages can save us a trip to the doctor. Taking care of your sinuses, lungs and colon - since they are all related affecting one another - through smart foods and spices is paramount for your health in a polluted part of the country.

Try something different and incorporate the forgotten foods into your diet: spices!

Photo by meaduva @ flickr
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