18 April 2009

Appetizer: Warm Pepperoni Pizza Olives

From Denny: This sure looks like a yummy idea for grazing during any sports afternoon and full of protein like olives, cheese and pepperoni. What is so interesting is that it is cooked briefly to infuse the garlic in the oil, olives and pepperoni.

I'm a big fan of Lindsay's large pitted black olives. My husband prefers green olives stuffed with the milder pimento. We usually compromise when it comes to a pizza and do it half and half. Both olive types would be equally good in this recipe, especially if you don't like the spicy jalapeno. And I'd add 2 more garlic cloves as we love garlic in our house!

Suggested is an amber ale beer as a good complement - now the men in the family would agree with that! :)
Louisiana's own Abita Amber would be a good choice.

Warm Pepperoni Pizza Olives

Lindsay Olives

Yield: Makes about 3 cups


1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil

1 (4.5-oz.) jar Lindsay JalapeƱo Stuffed Spanish Olives, drained

1 (6-oz.) can Lindsay Ripe Pitted Olives, drained

1 cup cubed pepperoni (5 ozs.)

2 garlic cloves, minced

2 tsps. dried oregano leaves

1/2 cup sun-dried tomatoes, roughly chopped

1 cup cubed Romano cheese, about 4 ozs.


1. Put oil, olives, pepperoni, garlic, oregano and sun-dried tomatoes in small saucepan. Cook over medium-high heat until garlic is fragrant and oil is hot, about 5 minutes.

2. Remove from heat and leave in saucepan for a few minutes. Add cheese cubes and place in a serving bowl.

Drink tip: A good all-around amber ale is a perfect match to the pizza olives.

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