06 April 2009

Edible Ferns, Nuts, and Grasses

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Edible Ferns, Nuts, and Grasses: "Natural intelligence plays a role in life, when it comes to who survives and who doesn’t, in a world fraught calamities and woes. You aren’t born knowing a lot of things, but if you are intelligent, you’ll grow up to deliberately seek some practical knowledge, along with the pursuit of learning all that “extra stuff” that won’t amount to much -- if you are caught unaware of what has already been provided for you, if only you knew where to look. Familiarity of edible plants falls into this category of practical knowledge.

In order to use edible plants intelligently in an emergency, you need to know what they look like, where they grow, and what parts are edible. Since there are thousands of edible plants found all over the world -- the best way to gain a little practical knowledge about them, is to ideally have someone point them out to you. If you are lucky enough to make the acquaintance of a local expert, always make a mental note of both the habitat, and the characteristics of the plants as they point them out to you.
Otherwise, it's a matter of mastering a few general facts and principles about recognizing plants..." 2 videos.

By Jerilee Wei

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