03 July 2009

Recipe: Coffee Orleans

New Orleans - French Quarter: Café du MondeGetting your morning beignets at New Orleans Cafe du Monde, a cherished tradition - Image by wallyg via Flickr

From Denny: When I think about the many trips to New Orleans and ordering this show-stopper coffee at one wonderful restaurant or another. Great fun to do for your family and friends on a holiday like the Fourth of July! Yeah, we're a bunch of show-offs here in Louisiana! :)

From: About.com

"A flaming coffee drink that will impress at a party. Maybe a little too showy for your typical morning coffee, but a wonderful spiced recipe when serving coffee cocktails for a crowd."


•1 cup coffee

•1 orange

•5 Tablespoons cognac

•5 Tablespoons benedictine

•1 teaspoon brown sugar

•3 cloves, whole


Strip off a large piece of orange zest, and poke the cloves into it. Place in the bottom of a mug, with the brown sugar. In a saucepan, mix the cognac and benedictine and heat through. Light the alcohol and pour (flaming) into the mug. Fill mug with coffee and serve.

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