10 July 2009

Videos How to BBQ a Turkey on Your Grill & Deep Fry Turkey Safely

From Denny: We love our deep fat fried turkey here in Louisiana but it can be a mess and even dangerous to prepare if you don't know what you are doing. This video is from Canada and these guys had a great idea of how to BBQ a turkey for Thanksgiving on a normal outside grill for just a few hours. How they packed the turkey was smart.

Though they could have added the bacon on top of the turkey at the beginning of the grilling instead of stopping it toward the end, adding raw bacon (hello, bacteria!) and then overcooking the bird just to cook the bacon.

The video is sped up to fast forward that it is witty and funny, really easy to watch - AND you get a great, easy and fast idea of how to cook a turkey on your grill! Why wait until a holiday and do like we do in Louisiana: cook it any time you "have a taste" for a special food!

Here is the smart way to deep fry a turkey - funny AND informative video:

For safety and grilling tips:

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